SMARTPolicing, published by Bruno Shioso, is a site dedicated to police officers and overall law enforcement practitioners, including law-abiding citizens wishing to contribute towards safer communities. The site is predicated upon the assumption that knowledge is key to police performance; and knowledge is best acquired through sharing of experiences more than formal structures. Police organisations should optimize performance by investing in capacity of officers and through promotion of a learning culture. The future projection of policing is therefore contingent upon knowledgeable and professional officers at all levels. And knowledge will thus be the true mark and catalyst of responsive and quality policing to citizens.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. lydia ligami

    this a step in the right direction for smart officers.free sharing improves our knowledge and helps us do things differently.lets be informed officers to work smart

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  2. Michael K. Sang

    This is a great platform that would enable officers and law abiding citizens share goodies and challenges of policing in the modern society. “Policing for the people by the people ” as highlighted by the former USA police boss in the 17century. Kudos smart policing.



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